Rejuvenate yourself with Ashwagandha

   Ashwagandha is a medicinal herb with rich history of treating many ailments in Ayurveda. It is known with various names in various parts of India such as Asgand , Asvagandhi and as Withania somnifera in scientific terms. It is an medicinal herb. Ashwagandha is known as a cure for depression and anxiety in AyurvedaContinue reading “Rejuvenate yourself with Ashwagandha”


Alarming Sign: Osteoarthritis

 There was time when osteoarthritis was considered to be old an age problem but now it is hitting youngsters also. A study says that people in their 30s are becoming more prone to Osteoarthritis in India. Osteoarthritis is a condition in which the cartilage that acts as a cushion between bones in joints begins to wearContinue reading “Alarming Sign: Osteoarthritis”

Tackling Malnutrition

Malnutrition is a byword of many rural parts in India. It is also a main cause of deaths among children between ages 0-6 years. Various socio-economical reasons have been cited for the same by governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Wide-spread media coverage about the malnutrition related deaths has put pressure back on the government so asContinue reading “Tackling Malnutrition”

Hypertension: be alert!

High Blood Pressure (BP) is a serious disorder and uncontrolled or poorly treated high BP leads to severe health problems such as congestive heart failure, stroke, bleeding in eyes and kidney failures. According to a WHO study around 900 million people are suffering from high blood pressure in Developing countries and the surprising fact isContinue reading “Hypertension: be alert!”