Chemical pesticides: greater worry then pests!

It is estimated that India loses approximately 18% of the crop yield due to pest attacks each year. To control harmful pest and improve yields, farmers start using chemical based pesticides but unfortunately uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides adversely affects our environment and enters into food products. People think that pesticides are present only onContinue reading “Chemical pesticides: greater worry then pests!”


Livestock: an opportunity for farmers

Agriculture plays a major role in Indian economy and it has three components such as Crops, Fisheries and Livestock. Crops have been contributing the biggest share but in recent years Livestock is gradually improving its performance. Livestock is practice of raising animals for commercial purpose and some of examples can be horses, cows, and sheepContinue reading “Livestock: an opportunity for farmers”

Organic Farming: A sustainable road

Agriculture is a direct interaction between nature and farmer.  In order to keep this interaction healthy one has to treat soil well with proper ingredients that will enhance the quality of ecosystem in general and that of soil in particular. However, in the name of producing more, we have taken a wrong and unsustainable roadContinue reading “Organic Farming: A sustainable road”