Chemical pesticides: greater worry then pests!

It is estimated that India loses approximately 18% of the crop yield due to pest attacks each year. To control harmful pest and improve yields, farmers start using chemical based pesticides but unfortunately uncontrolled use of chemical pesticides adversely affects our environment and enters into food products. People think that pesticides are present only on outer layer of vegetable and fruits but studies say that pulses, rice and vegetables have considerable amount of pesticides even if they are washed.  Studies have also shown that chemicals present in pesticides leads to severe diseases such as blindness, infertility, cancer and nervous disability.

These pesticides leads to bio magnification also as they have long lasting chemical properties. They remain in small organism for a long time and their strength increases. By the time they reach into food chain, their chemical concentration will be magnified in huge proportion and result into bio magnification. They can also flow with rain water into nearby streams or seep through the soil into ground water and which may cause harm to untargeted animals and plants in other areas also and eventually adversely affects ecosystem. With continuous use chemical pesticides, pests develop resistance to towards pesticides thus we have to use stronger chemical to control pest which is again more harmful to us.

To deal with this problem, farmers should take a road of organic farming and should use organic pesticides. India has a rich history of using organic pesticides like Neem,  Kariyat, Acoru and Piper so while choosing pesticides one should look for contents of the product and should go for organic and herbal products. Let’s follow the sustainable road of organic faming and save our environment and our health.





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