Organic Farming: A sustainable road

Agriculture is a direct interaction between nature and farmer.  In order to keep this interaction healthy one has to treat soil well with proper ingredients that will enhance the quality of ecosystem in general and that of soil in particular. However, in the name of producing more, we have taken a wrong and unsustainable road of chemical farming. These chemical based agricultural products may give temporary good results in short term but they have negative impact on productivity in long run. It leads to enormous levels of chemical buildup and can result into biomagnifications in our food chain.

Organic farming is one of the several approaches in order to make agriculture sustainable. It involves achieving best agriculture production using techniques and products that do not harm the natural environment and the people or livestock who live and work in agriculture ecosystem. Still in India farmers are unaware of some facts about organic farming therefore they are not able to make profits. . Organic method requires less investment and helps to maintain fertility for long run as compare to chemical farming thus organic farmers do not need to depend upon money lenders. It also helps to avoid all kind of pollution and the most important; it enables us to produce high nutritional food. The most erroneous belief is yields are low in organic farming. It is not so, when followed properly and consistently, yields can be better than yields grown under chemical farming.  Additionally organically grown food is priced 20-30% more than conventional food, and hence yielding more money to the farmers. As per Govt. of India, approximately 190,000 acres (77,000 hectares) were under organic cultivation in year 2005. The total production of organic food in India was 120,000 tons annually, though this largely included certified forest collections.

Organic farming is a promising mode to deal with problems in agriculture especially for small farms. So farmers should be educated about the opportunities and benefits of organic farming.


Reference: Chandrasekhar H.M, An changing scenario of organic farming inIndia: An overview, International NGO Journal, Vol-5, pp 034-039, Feb-2010


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